Challenged to climb a 13-ft wall and stomachs full of soul food

Written by Amanda Mauri, Friends Select High School (OU 2009) and Ben Perelman, Penn Charter (OU 2009)

Hello all, this is Amanda and Ben. The first day at Fellowship Farm was a great team-building day, filled with ice breakers, leadership activities and a chance to get to know our fellow participants.  Our favorite activity of the day challenged us to get all 16 participants over a 13 foot wall. The highlight of this game was when Craig leapt up the wall, heaving his shirt up to EJ.  As the last group member to climb over, he had to get to the top of the wall without any help from the bottom. Originally, we thought this was an insurmountable task, but as the time passed, we learned that we could conquer this task as well as anything else that is thrown at us if we worked as a team.

During our first day on the road, we traveled to NY and went on a walking tour of Harlem. We learned many things about the progression of people that have lived in Harlem over the years. Interestingly, Harlem started off as a predominantly Jewish vacation retreat, and has become a mainly African-American neighborhood over time. We went to dinner at Amy Ruth’s, a soul food restaurant…the food was incredible, and all of us enjoyed large helpings of something fried. After dinner, we went to the Apollo for Amateur Night. This started off with an incredible performance by a 12 year old dancer and a 14 year old singer. Later, we saw adults perform things varying from songs to dance to poetry. The night was filled with both cheers, boos and definitely introduced us to an enthusiastic and energetic side of Harlem.

Amanda and Ben


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