A Day with Professor Nurnberg and Congressman Filner

Written by: Charnee Supplee, Academy of Notre Dame (OU 2009)

OU 2009 at the Capital

OU 2009 at the Capital

After arriving in Washington, DC, we met with Professor Nurnberg from Georgetown University. He is an expert in the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East and shared many pertinent facts about the current state of the conflict. We asked him a variety of questions regarding the issue. The concerns of the group ranged from Palestinian representation in AIPAC to his personal opinion on the matter. The entire group became immediately engaged in a discussion about the best way for the Congress to handle the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Most of us were left overwhelmed by the plethora of complications that keep the two warring states from reaching a peaceful solution.

Afterwards we met with Congressman Filner, who represents a district in San Diego, CA. We sat in awe as he told us of his history as a freedom rider. We were amazed that he put his life in danger by riding through the south, dedicated to the cause of integration. This led to our passionate discussion that same night. Everyone in the group spoke about an issue in our society that s/he is passionate about. We spoke of how we can contribute to solving those major world issues most important to us. We left the meeting with a sense of empowerment and motivation to be active citizens of America.


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