Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today was the best day for me so far. I had the privilege of attending the Antioch baptist church in Richmond Virginia. Strangely enough, I knew exactly what I was going to expect, yet I was still affected by the experience. I knew that I would walk out of the church more or less the same way I went in. I arrived at the church and as the service began, I started to get into my mellow and observing mood. I am not a Christian but I was still keen on learning.

I enjoy being in didactic environments; environments where I am forced to start thinking.  As the reverend began his sermon my struggles began. There were many things he said that just didn’t resonate with me. There were also things that I just outright disagreed with. But as the rev began to end his sermon I witnessed many members of his congregation weeping and this had me feeling a bit humbled. Now I consider myself a Muslim because of my parents, but I don’t really practice; I follow my own philosophies. But the pastor ended his sermon with a sentiment that seemed directed right towards me. He said that, people tend to search for a “grandiose” or fantastic sighting before they believe, and that people should know that God speaks to people in different ways. Now I knew this prior to the sermon but I admit that I am a realist; I prefer concrete evidence rather than people telling me something is real. I thoroughly enjoyed the service simply because it made me think.

Ibrahim Kamara, Germantown Friends School, OU ’10


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