Visiting the VA Holocaust Museum

Today we went to the Holocaust Museum in Virginia. I knew that even before we entered the building that I was going to cry.

Our tour guide Ben was amazing. He knew so much and was able to tell us so many new things. He took us from room to room explaining to us everything that went on with his family during that time. When we reached the children’s room, I just felt the tears coming down. It hurt me to see the actual pictures and names of those children who died.
The gas chamber room and the room with the ovens, I just broke down. I felt so bad for the Jewish people but I was also reminded of my family back home in Darfur.

Today overall was such an emotional day. It was nice to see everybody comfort each other. We really showed how much of a family we have become.

Sahar Dinar, Central High School, OU ‘10


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