The Lower 9th Ward

As we travelled to the 9th Ward (the region of NO most affected by Katrina), I was suddenly stricken with a sense of helplessness and remorse. Even after five years a huge percentage of the homes still remained abandoned in wait for revival. With the help of organizations such as the Saint Bernard Project (the organization we worked with), the people in need are able to get their homes rebuilt, their schools re-opened, and their lives back on track. As we helped to rebuild the home of the MacLucky family in the lower 9th Ward I could sense the groups’ strong sympathy and deep emotion for all of the families that were affected by the hurricane. The best way to truly understand and embrace the situation of different cultures is by physically acting and working hands-on. Although we will never fully understand what these enduring families went through during the hurricane, we do know what they are going through now, and that is extremely devastating. While we did not help all of the families in need, it only takes one to make a difference and the fact that all of the OU members were ready, willing, and able to help in good spirit and high hopes, brought much joy to my heart.

Malcolm Carayol, Episcopal Academy, OU 2010


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